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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  October 1, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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this is the katie phang show. we are live from miami, florida. we have a lot of news to cover. there are lots of questions answered. let's get started. post-tropical cyclone in, it is over north carolina. it brought flooding and damage to south carolina. this comes as the death toll from the storm tragically rises in florida. in moments, i will speak with a county commissioner about new concerns that many there could end up intent homes. thomas called it an iron cloud rule, her and her husband,
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justice clarence thomas, they never speak about cases pending before the supreme court. ask clients if that is true. that's what we learned about the testimony this week. tucker carlson continues to push pro-russian propaganda on his show. wait until you hear his latest claim that russian tv is predictably eating up. all of that and more is coming up. >> good saturday morning to you. i am katie fang. we begin the show in south carolina. that is where residents are waking up to the devastating damage left by hurricane ian. the powerful storm made landfall again yesterday. a category one hurricane around 2 pm eastern. it was downgraded hours later to a post-tropical cyclone. and now pushing its way north. the storm caused severe
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flooding in parts of the state. this is what we are looking at. it is a neighborhood near myrtle beach. roads are underwater after heavy rain pounded the area. several piers along the coast, including this one, they were partially collapsing from the storm surge. meanwhile, in the state of florida, at least 23 people are now confirmed dead. that number is expected to rise in the coming days. a clearer picture eons devastation is emerging. new video comes in. including this marina near fort myers. it is one of the hardest hit areas in florida. other areas in the state remain underwater. those water levels are not the only thing that people have to worry about. one nbc correspondent spotted this alligator swimming down residential street in orlando, florida. that is where people were walking just minutes before. we will get to the latest in florida. first, let's start to check in
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with kathy park in south carolina. kathy? >> katie, good morning. ian has weakened considerably. it certainly showed its strength variance of carolina as it made landfall yesterday in the community of -- at the heart of the storm, we were talking wind gusts up to my 92 miles per hour. it was no match for massive trees. like the one you see behind me here in downtown charleston. also here in the city, especially low-lying areas, flooding was also a big concern. we were hit with heavy bands of rain. the floodwaters actually got to my knee at one point. as you can see, a lot of the water has receded. power outages were also a big issue throughout the day yesterday. hundreds of thousands lost power. the big headline today will be the cleanup throughout downtown charleston. also in myrtle beach. they are dealing with a lot of erosion on the shores.
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crews will be out here assessing the damage. the people we spoke to yesterday say they are grateful that situation did not get much worse. they are on high alert because of what they witnessed in florida. back to you. >> nbc's kathy park, thank you. let's go to the state of florida. we are in fort myers. steve, what is the latest there? >> katie, the damage here is almost indescribable. it is so widespread that it is essentially as far as the eye can see. homes are disintegrated. cinder blocks since -- they destroyed the marina where i am. adipose are normally in this harbor to my right. they are on the road. to my left, you can see johnson pleasurable. their fishing boats that are scattered along the side. jack knife into houses. >> we have a map that you can
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put on screen. it shows you our location what is maria used to look like. that blue dot that you can see, if it is onscreen, it would be me. the orange dot used to be structures in this area. this is one that is directly behind me. it has been completely decimated. meanwhile, speaking of those boats, some of them went into houses. we spoke to one homeowner whose boat is now in that house. i want you to listen to what he said. >> we see a boat literally right next to my apartment as i am trying to pull my grandmother and girlfriend out. that is the scariest thing in the world. i can't stop a boat. i am not superman. >> just a terrifying situation there. here is what is next. we are still in these crucial 72 or 80 hours. people are still doing rescues in these areas. sanibel island has been completely cut off. the channel was destroyed.
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on -- several dozen people trapped in that situation. rescuers are still being made. hospitals in this areas are still about ten or so. at least some of the patients, if not all the patients, they need to be transferred to other stations. there is no running water. the time that they could have to cheat patience is running out by the second. -- millions of people in the state of florida. i will say that it is coming back exponentially. this time yesterday morning, there were still over 2 million people. we have seen power trucks up and down the. row they are doing their best to restore power. it is still a desperate situation for this part of florida. steve, our thanks to you, all of you stay safe. steve patterson is live in florida.
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i'm joined by two guests. this is a commissioner in florida. this is the city of naples, we saw one major damage in flooding. this is wendy powell, the executive editor at naples's daily news. -- we appreciate you being able to give us the boots on the ground view of what is going on. they are in recovery mode right now. can you give us a sense of where things stand as of this morning? >> at least in the south part of naples, the city of naples, there is not power. it is spotty at best. people are already moving their belongings that have gotten damaged with the water. there are piles of furniture
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and appliances. there are beds. they are dripping out their houses. -- storm surge in a baseboard. -- we are not in the recovery, but it is right at the beginning. >> you worked in florida for 33 years. this is a state i know. it is seen its fair share hurricanes. and tell both of you that are just in naples and the island last month. have you ever covered anything like this before? >> never covered. we never had a this. it has been absolute devastation. these words are used.
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-- if you move further north, it is a nightmare situation where so many people. sanibel, as you said, it has been cut off from the island. that is because the causeway has collapsed. fort myers beach, people are not even allowed back. they are just allowing some of the residents back. those that state, they don't know. there are so many people that are still missing. the quote is used so often, it is gone. the peers are gone. the bridges are compromised. we have lots of life, more than we even know. it is still very much a search rescue operation. helicopters are flying a, india being people up to the mainland. -- people don't even know if their loved ones are alive. >> the intimate service is so bad. phone service is so bad. >> penny, what are the biggest challenges that you are facing
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right now? there is a combination of state and federal agencies. >> i believe the agencies are here. i believe they are helping. i am looking at a much broader, much longer recovery. we have very new construction in naples. it survived this. this was storm surge. construction is built up. they did not get the impact of the water. the older buildings are build on a different delegation. this was not the way and. -- it started rising in six or seven minutes. all of the sudden, it is gonna come up three or four inches. we have the gulf of mexico on the left. it just came together at a time
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when it was high tonight. you had water coming and pushing into areas that never dreamed they would get wet. these are sometimes the older areas. what i am concerned about is that people are staying in their houses. there is no place to go. we have to somehow get these houses rebuilt. we want them to stay there. if they want to sell, that is fine. i don't think people are there. i think people feel now like they have weathered it before, they want to do it again. they want to house back. they are unlivable. this is a huge challenge facing us. i am working on this now. >> wendy, you are a journalist, but you also have a family. you are like penny. what was that balance like for you? you are trying to do your job. our viewers need to know. you were actually working with a team while this hurricane was hitting. you also did not know what was happening to your home or your loved ones while this hurricane hit the west coast.
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>> yeah. one of the things about being a journalist, we have encouraged safety first for all of our team. one of the big things in this storm was the length that it went on. not being connected to so many different people. we had our reporters spread out all over the place. just wondering and waiting to see what was going on. i tried to stay at my house. i am in an evacuation zone. i happen to live on the water. we made it until the 11 am advisory on tuesday night. we then said that we were out. we went to a friends house. it was further inland. we still lost power. we have several of our reporters that have lost their homes in this. we are plowing through. we are trying to, do you know, keep that going. i was saying that we are recording there's. we were part of the story. we are covering the story.
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that is really, really hard for this team. it is cell amazing. so, so amazing. yeah. >> i have mentioned this on some other shows that i have been doing. i lived through hurricane andrew in 1992. i lost my home during the storm. i have empathy for what you guys are going through. i can't speak for everybody in america. we appreciate you taking the time to give us this insight. you are giving us some highs in terms of what is happening. sometimes we get a little bit numb because we see the imagery a lot. you guys are all living this. we appreciate you for taking the time out of your morning to be able to spend it with us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> this storm is giving us a clear look at nature's power. for example, in south beach, florida, some people were out on a pier in south point park. take a look at this. and they are out on south point park, a huge wave comes along
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and sweeps several people right into the water. several more people jumped into the water to help those that were swept into the water. the local station says that six people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. -- authorities are urging people to stay on the water. it is not done just yet. we check in with michelle grossman about flash flood warnings that are expected across several other states just today. just how far natasha thomas go to push the most powerful service in washington? in the actions may lie with the january six committee. my panel is here. we will talk about what to do. there is the influential wife of the senate supreme court justice. she unbelievably still believe the 2020 election was stolen. that is. next is. next the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪
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stuntman port and facts. i emphasize the word facts. the 2020 election happened 697 days ago. joe biden won the election by 7 million votes. with a count of 302 to 232 in the electoral college. donald trump and his team challenge those results dozens of times in dozens of courtrooms. they lost each and every time. some of those challenges even made their way to the united states supreme court. that is where they were rejected. even now, in the fall of 2022, jenny thomas, the wife of a justice who sits on that very supreme court, they went in front of the 16 committee. she said that she still believes the election was stolen. that is according to the committee chair, benny thompson. i want you to let that sink in for a second. take a listen to committee member jamie raskin's we action.
4:20 am
>> it is amazing that you have somebody who is married to a supreme court justice. they continue to promote the big lie. that is her absolute first amendment right to do so. anybody can go out and make an idiot out of themselves by claiming that the easter bunny israel, that santa claus is real, and donald trump is the real president. >> i hope my seven year old was not listening to jamie. he just said that. this interview comes after months of headlines. detailing her multiple efforts to overturn the results of that election. including text messages to trump's chief of staff mark meadows. there was a scheme to put up fake electors in the states of arizona and wisconsin. ginni thomas also said that she did not speak to her husband of more than 30 years about her postelection activities.
4:21 am
a lot to process here. david jolly is a former -- he is an msnbc political analyst. alex is a former senior adviser to the biden campaign. an msnbc political analyst. gentlemen, thank you so much for being my political power panel this morning. a lot to -- you in your family are safe from hurricane ian. i want to start with you this morning. betty thompson says that we may hear parts of the comments from ginni thomas in the next hearing. how important do you think it is the american people hear from ginni thomas in her own words? >> good morning. i think you listen to be incredibly important here to near old words. my grandmother used to have a saying -- [speaking non-english] tell me who you walk with, i will tell you who you are. her husband, just a few months ago, he stripped a constitutional right.
4:22 am
if he had the chance, he would overturn an election. i don't believe anything that she says. i think she is a conspiracy theorist. she is an election denier. it puts into stark relief how close we are to losing our democracy. you pointed out how long ago the election was. we also have election deniers warning in almost every single state in this country. the only way to push back on this is by getting her on the stand. let's make sure that this is the best disinfectant. let's get some transparency. in november, let's defeat these election deniers once and for all. >> you don't have to tell me twice. i have been railing against ginni thomas. david, and we put this into perspective. discuss what it means that the spouse of a sitting supreme court justice won in front of a congressional select committee. they were investigating the insurrection. she had the nerve to still say that she believes in the conspiracy theory. is this the perfect sign of
4:23 am
where things are in our democracy right now? >> it is a time stamp. thank you for your kind words. i know that all of us have our hearts with the versus ponders in florida. we are still on these days. the preservation of human life and rescue. i think that the january six committee is on a bit of a raiders edgier. here's what i mean by that. ginni thomas is a player in conservative politics within the beltway. she is not known nationally. within the beltway, there are a dozen of self affirmation conservative societies. they really embarked on the early days of direct mail. they brought up his network of conservative activists around the country. ginni thomas has communications with mark meadows and other leaders of the trump administration. i think that is the important thing. what information does thomas have about the trump administration officials that is related to january 6th?
4:24 am
her marriage to a supreme court justice, boy, that is a huge matter. that is almost a different matter. this is where there is the raiders edge. if the january six committee explore the relationship with clarence thomas, you are opening an entire other chapter. you better have receipts. otherwise, the credibility of the committee comes into play a little bit. secondly, this is not a committee to have struggle with how to wrap this up. i say that for its own impact. there's been an incredibly empowered for january six committee. there is the information on donald trump. it is remarkable. they need to figure out how to lay the final story on the american peoples of the. that is where this is rangers edge. the information that ginni thomas has is damning. does it also relate to her husband's work? that is a hard question for january six committee members to wrestle with. >> i would like to switch gears. a major event in terms of the politics happening in texas last night.
4:25 am
let's talk about the governor's race in that state last night. it was a debate between the republican governor, greg abbott, and democrat beto o'rourke. the first big topic was immigration. in this clip, you will notice the room was empty. that is because abbott refused to debate him in front of a live audience. let's take a quick look. >> this hateful writer rick, treating human beings as political pawns, talking about these people defending themselves, that's how people get killed. look at walmart in el paso. the gentleman hunt smith. we learn about him yesterday. this is incredibly dangerous for texas. it is not reflective of our values. >> this is all because of joe biden's failure to do the presidents job to secure the border. we are only having to do that because of joe biden's failure. it would be the same pathway that beto o'rourke would take us down. >> you are the son of immigrants. you have seen the stories of immigrants who have been bussed into cities and dumped on the side of the road.
4:26 am
they are political ponds. do you think that by appealing to texas values that beto o'rourke could gain ground in this race? he is still trailing abbott in all of the polls. >> great question. i have no doubt that he has a great chance here. he is closing the gap. we are seeing that in the polls. i think this is a really important issue. there is a reason why abbott only agreed to one debate. there is a reason why he did not want an audience there. it is because texans will see very clearly when they look at that debate stage. they see what is at stake. there are folks in the center like myself and many others. we are from a passive texas. it is a city of immigrants. it is also grand zero for some of these incredibly terrible and cruel policies. it shocks the conscience to think about families. they're traveling thousands of miles for security, opportunity, for whatever reason they're coming to the united states. they are welcomed by abbott. they are put on the bus for the stand. it is cruel, unusual, a terrible thing. i think they should lean into that. they should capitalize on it.
4:27 am
that is along with other issues. abortion will be a critical issue. they oppose that in all its forms with no exceptions. a pass rating from the nra. it's a portal all and allows 18-year-old without any training to walk around with guns in public. after uvalde, after the massacre in el paso. i do think that beto can lean in there. we will see a much closer race the next couple of days after this debate. >> david, you are a really short window of time. i want to apologize. i want to get your reaction to that debate that happened last night. >> look, i think that they have an opportunity to speak to the suburban voters that we occasionally see turnout in key elections. that is around the issue of gun violence. on immigration, greg abbott and others deserve the indictment of america for their treatment of their fellow travelers. it is part of the walk of life here. policies and taxes need to change. they were at ambassador for
4:28 am
pride to gun violence. >> david is delivering for me in that short window of time. gentlemen, i am sorry. we have run out of time. i would like you both become back. this is my power political power this morning. thank you both for being here. >> coming up, ian may be downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone. it does not mean that folks are in the clear yet. the storm is tracking north. it could be leaving flash floods and its way. we are gonna check in with meteorologist michelle grossman about where we can expect the most dangerous after effects before the storm is heading. that is next. stay with us. ay with us boss, here's patrick mahomes. incredible - meatballs, fresh mozzarella and pepperon- oh, the meatball's out! i thought he never fumbles. the new subway series. what's your pick?
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the new subway series menu. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. tony, the new outlaw's got double pepper jack and juicy steak. let's get some more analysis on that, chuck. mmm. pepper jack. tender steak. very insightful, guys. the new subway series. what's your pick? welcome back. we continue to follow ian. it has now been downgraded to a cyclone after making landfall in south carolina. these islands along the shore line had a video that was being aired on the news during a
4:33 am
rescue mission. showed how high the water level was after parts of the island pierre, which is a known landmark, it collapsed. a risk of flash flooding also remains on portions of carolina and virginia. the storm moves farther north. michelle grossman has been keeping a really close eye out on the path. michelle, can we be optimistic, is the worst over? >> the worst is over. we can all agree that we are ready to say goodbye to diane. we have been tracking in for over ten days. it was fair to tropical storm. it was coming off the coast of africa. it and continue to make landfall as a category three storm in cuba. the second one as a category four. nearly a category five. the fourth one was yesterday in south carolina. it was a category one storm. we are still seeing winds. we are still seeing water. the water has been the biggest issue. the storm surge is causing all of that damage and heartbreak in florida. we had some storm surge damage in south carolina yesterday.
4:34 am
now it is a heavy rain flooding story. let's take a look at the stats. we are looking at winds at 35 miles an hour. that is still really strong. those are sustained winds. we are not talking about wind gusts. we are seeing winds gusting higher than that. moving quickly at 12 miles an hour. that is the good thing. we want this out of here. it is currently 30 miles south of greensboro, north carolina. it is post-tropical. that really means that the cold it is cold instead of warm. this is gonna be the main story over the next day or two. who also on sunday. it might linger into monday and tuesday. that is off the mid-atlantic coast. 2 million people impacted by that alerts. you see the green. that is a flood watch. the rat is a flood warning. that means that flooding is happening right now. i will show you why. we are tracking some very heavy rain at this hour. we are gonna continue to track rain. it is heavy at times. also tomorrow. this is what it looks like on the radar. you see those brighter colors and yellows. you see the red and orange. that is where we are seeing the heaviest rain. it is still very widespread. with the in, we have always
4:35 am
seen the rain on the north edge of this system. that is what we are seeing now. it is stretching through places like north carolina and into west virginia. it also goes into new england. we are seeing that heavy rain as well. notice this over the atlantic. you see those lightning strikes. that is really telling us how much energy this system still has days later. a flash flood warning is still in effect. we have those tropical systems. we have hurricanes. the number one reason what people die in these systems is because of the water. it is because of the storm surge. it is a freshwater. the rain is falling from the sky. we are concerned with life-threatening flash flooding. this is fast, furious, heavy rain. it is needed in this part of the country. we are, you know, so dry. it is going to dissipate pretty quickly into the ground. we are looking at heavy rainfall of the next two days. we are looking at six inches possible. we are not trying out until later on tuesday. back to you. >> lasalle grossman, and meteorologist, thank you. i am marveling on the fact that
4:36 am
this storm goes to florida. it impacts all the way north up to boston. that is wild. michelle, thank you for the latest. coming up in the show, someone accuses the fbi of planting evidence. you think the natural follow-up would be the proof. apparently not if the accuser is donald trump. what is a florida federal judge seemed to keep putting her finger on the scales of justice for him and his legal team? speaking of that legal team, there is reportedly a lot of disagreement over their strategy. the client, as we know, he is not the easiest to deal with. we are going inside of trump's defense. that is coming up next. ng up next way club. piled with turkey, ham and roast beef. this sub isn't slowing down time any time soon. i'll give it a run for its money. my money's on the sub. it's subway's biggest refresh yet. when you really need to sleep. my money's on the sub. you reach for the really good stuff. zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil.
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they will not let anybody in the same building. they drop anything into those piles? did they do it later? there is no chain of custody here with them. >> that was donald trump himself. he is suggesting that the fbi planted evidence at his mar-a-lago estate after they searched his home for a missing classified document. there is also the endless parade of tv hits from some of his attorneys. that prompted the special master raymond erie to order trump back at that allegation. this time, in court. trump appointed judge alien cannon overruled the special master. she was appointed at the request for trump. she pushed back the deadline to complete the review of documents seized from december
4:41 am
16th. that is in line with trump switches to delay. a political contributor took issue with the recent string of pro trump rulings. he wrote, quote, the curious thing is that she seems totally at holy indifferent to her professional reputation. it is as if she knows her credibility is on fire, she thought would be a good idea to reach for lighter fluid. joining me now is a former u.s. attorney, a professor of law at the university of michigan. this is barbara mcquade. barbara, thank you for joining us early on saturday morning barb, why was a judge appointed this if she was not going to let him do his job? they trump backed up his claim that the fbi planted evidence. >> yes. katie, as you know, it is very unusual for a judge to appoint a special master. they're essentially that we delegated. they take on a job that the judge does not have the battle of the take on. she is messing with other cases. she takes the case, makes decision, he overrules them. it is a really odd posture.
4:42 am
they are overruling a judge in that way. what it is also odd about earlier the choices that she made. the judge wanted to put them on an accelerated timeline. time is of the essence. the justice department wants those documents so it can begin the investigation. she rolled that back. she said you did not need to do it that quickly. you can have a little more time. stalling is really the name of the game here. she has allowed that. the other thing that you have just pointed out, there is this idea that now you don't have to tell us to backup these claims you are making. the fbi has planted evidence. judge jerry says you should do that. i'm an early view of that responsibility. you go ahead and keep setting it out there into the ether. they can't say it in court unless it is true, unless they can back it up. if you make a false statement in court, there are consequences for that from the lawyers. even some criminal charges. she is allowing trump to continue to make those statements out there.
4:43 am
as you know, it is harmful when people are allowed to say false things about the fbi. it creates an impression in the public that those things are true. it undermines the ability for the fbi to do their jobs across this country every day. >> barb, late last night, the department of justice filed a motion to expedite the appeal. trying to hasten those deadlines that judge cannon now pushed out on her own. without anyone even asking for it. in addition, the doj to they want us to take a hard look at the hiring of judge cannon's order. that is in terms of the special master being appointed. i know you have read this motion. what are you in initial thoughts about the success from the doj? they are seeking relief from this. >> i am not sure. it is clear to me that the justice department has now said they want to be rid of the judge. they want to get away from here as quickly as possible. in light of the ruling that we
4:44 am
saw from the 11th circuit last week, they moved very, very quickly. two judges, this was noteworthy, they were appointed by little trump. the third was on the judge panel. they ruled any government's favor. they did so very quickly. i think i like their chances. the 11th circuit is one that is conservative. maybe not necessarily mega. i think there is a difference. conservative judges tend to believe in law and order. they understand that the justice department needs to conduct its investigation. especially something as sensitive as this highly classified document. even if the rest of it relates to presidential documents. they belong to the government. there is this three month delay that judge cannon is proposing. it is harmful to the interest of the united states. i think they're like their chances on the merits. in light of how they move last week, i like their chances on the expedited request. >> barb, quickly, i apologize,
4:45 am
i have less than a minute left, i want to get into the new recording. it says that trump's legal team is now divided. they are at odds in terms of how to handle this mar-a-lago case. some trump lawyers are saying to turn down the temperature the doj. trying to nicely resolve this. play nicely in the sandbox. other ours in trump's air bending. let's continue with your usual combative posture. what do you make of this recorded divide in terms of what is supposed to be a single friend legal team? >> to those lawyers who joined in good faith, i think they're gonna make a change for donald trump. bless you. good luck. here we go again. donald trump has one mode. it is all off and all the time. anyone who thinks he is going to change, you know, it is like the woman who marries the man and decides to change him. no. people are who they are. at this point in life, shame on him for not knowing who donald trump is. >> barb, he got a 3 million dollar payment up front. he is the one he was trying to tell trump turned up a temperature. pretty nice payment for walking
4:46 am
into a known quicksand environment. barb, thank you for joining us. please come back soon. >> thank you. >> coming up, broken promises. he said they would not have to get involved with russia's so-called special operations. now they are being forced to put their lives on the line. this order has the world wondering if people are ready to finally turn on him. it is being called the most blatant attempt to seize territory since hitler's not see empire in world war ii. this is the fallout from a sham annexation. coming up next. ming up next smoky capicola, genoa salami and pepperoni! it's the dream team of meats. i've still got my uniform. it's subway's biggest refresh yet. (vo) get the new iphone 14 pro on us. right now t-mobile is including apple business essentials so you can easily manage your team's devices. on the network with more 5g coverage. only from t-mobile for business.
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what's your pick? russian president but amir putin is facing international backlash for his illegal annexation if origins of ukraine. it comes after sham referendum votes. vladimir putin celebrated the move at a so-called annexation concert. he claimed that russia would achieve victory in the ukraine. he welcomed the people in those eastern regions to their, quote, historic motherland. the move sparked immediate global rollout reactions. president biden announced new sanctions on russia. and a surprise move on friday, ukraine applied for a fast membership into nato. one of the very things that putin is trying to prevent with his invasion. meanwhile, vladimir putin is facing a pr crisis at home unlike anything he has had to deal with before. it is a problem completely of his own making. the country's disastrous rollout of its military draft has sent many russians fleeing. it has inspired protests across the country.
4:51 am
of course, this partial mobilization will replenish forces for putin's invasion of the ukraine. could this finally be the last straw for putin when it comes to the russian people? in an op-ed for the washington post, we argue that putin's war has broken his social contract with the russian people. the deal was that if russia had stayed out of politics, putin would ensure rising standards of living and stay out of their private lives. that formula has gone bossed. i am honored to welcome my gas to, this is the ambassador to the ukraine, william taylor. he is the vice president for russia in europe at the united states institute of peace. taylor, let's start off with a map. let's show the regions that were part of this fraudulent annexation in the southeast. is it is moved by putin a sign of his desperation to regain some control over what looks like an invasion gone awry? >> it absolutely is a sign of desperation. he knows, president putin knows that he is losing on the
4:52 am
battlefield. that is the battlefield that counts. that is where it is going to be determined. he is losing. he shows up there in the north. the ukrainians are pushing back into luhansk. they are moving into donetsk. the ukrainians are on the merge. this is something that we have watched now for nearly a month. ukrainians are pushing the russians back. president putin knows he has problems. president putin knows his military, directional a terry. they're falling back. they are having a great difficult time replacing its own soldiers. the soldiers are not doing well. this is a sign of desperation. these referendum, as you say, they mean nothing. what really matters is what happens on the battlefield. they are continuing to fight. they are paying no attention to these referendums. ukrainians are paying no attention to what the rough russians say about this being
4:53 am
russian land. they know it is not true. they know it is ukrainian land. what really matters is what is going on the battlefield. that is where the ukrainians are winning. >> i think things got ratcheted up a notch. ukraine announced that it applied for accelerated nato membership. how does that change things if it goes through? consider the defense agreement. the united states, in light of the membership in nato, they will be at war with russia the moment ukraine becomes official member of nato. is that right? >> yes. if you can wear it member, it would benefit from the same commitment that all nato members benefit from. attack on one, that is an attack on all. probably not gonna happen anytime very soon. this is a strong demonstration. a strong indication that ukraine won't be part of the west. ukraine want to be part of europe. ukraine want to be part of the european union.
4:54 am
ukraine want to be part of the community of democracies. it is under attack from russia and their autocracy. this is a clear indication of the direction in the commitment of ukrainians. it is probably not gonna happen anytime soon. what should happen, what is happening, the united states and nato allies are providing ukrainians with the weapons that they need to defend themselves. even while they apply for there's a long process for joining nato. even while that goes on. the united states is providing the weapons to allow ukraine to defend themselves. they're pushing the russians out of their country. >> let's quickly talk about the nord stream pipeline lee. president biden called in an act of sabotage. he suggested that russia might be to blame. tucker carlson irresponsibly claims that the united states was responsible for the lead. it turns out that russian state tv gobbled odd of. they really like that
4:55 am
suggestion. there is an analysis of the programming the day after the segment. the carlson clip aired at least 12 times on russian tv in just one day. ambassador, how dangerous is it for an american media personality like of tucker carlson to be out there spouting a talking point that ends up on russian state tv a dozen times in one day? >> you are exactly right. the russians love to show that there is division in the united states. the problem for the russians and putin is that the united states, by large, with the exception of the fringe, and we are just talking about the fringe, the united states, the american people, the congress, the administration, they are united. these americans are united against russia. they are united in support of ukraine. again, comments from the fringe, the russians will of course
4:56 am
elaborate and highlight them. they love to see the fringe talking. it tries to demonstrate that there is disagreement. as we know, it turns out that is the fringe. as we know, this is bipartisan support for ukraine. broad bipartisan support across the country for defeating russia. ukraine can do it. >> thank you as always to ambassador taylor for joining us. thank you for sharing your insight and analysis. >> thank you. good to be here. >> our thanks to you for watching the katie phang show this morning. i'll be back tomorrow morning at 7 am. that is right here on msnbc. velshi is next. he is live from fort myers, florida. rt myers florida. subway series menu. twelve irresistible new subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet!
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october 1st. i'm coming to you from fort myers, florida. this is one of the cities that was hit by hurricane ian. calling it a category four storm is putting it lightly. ian was just two miles per hour shy of being a category five hurricane. the likes of which have only been experienced four times in u.s. history. hurricane ian made landfall on wednesday afternoon in florida. maximum sustained winds


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